Moving Time!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been busy with getting my new site up and running, with a new personal domain- yay! It will look identical to what you’re seeing now, with all the same content.

I’d really love if you could follow the link here to check it out and re-subscribe, as I don’t get to take you with me. I’ll be doing more travel and lifestyle writing from now on, and also have some exciting news about a big trip that I’m planning! Keep an eye out 🙂

Charlotte x

Indonesia Part 5: Kuta, Lombok

The last island (cry) of our trip to Indonesia was Lombok. Only a little smaller than Bali, and closer to the Gili islands (they are actually all a part of Lombok, not Bali), we were surprised that we’d heard so little hype about this island compared to its neighbours. Continue reading