Natural everyday essentials

Just a quick post today to break up the travel posts a bit! I wanted to share some of my favourite health and beauty products that I’ve really  been loving at the moment with you. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge (best descriptive ever!!) of different items, but they’re all totally awesome, and great if you’re looking to add some natural products into your routine. None of this is sponsored or any of that jazz by the way- these are all my own things that I just think are pretty damn guuurd.

So just as a quick introduction, I’ve been using most of these products for 2+ years now, and have pretty much stuck with them for that time. I wanted to switch out every day items that I had heard can be harmful to your skin and body, and replace them with kinder, more natural ingredients which do a better job of looking after you! I started off with changing my toothpaste from a rabid-dog-like-foam-producing one from the supermarket, which contains a lot of potential nasties and chemicals that probably don’t belong in your body. After that, I started to pay a lot more attention to what ingredients were in the products that I put on my skin and hair. It’s surprising just how many artificial foaming agents, fragrances, preservatives, sweeteners etc. are in toiletries- even those whose packaging and marketing suggests that they’re ‘natural’.



So this is what my daily routine looks like! I have to have everything out like this because I’m so lazy that if it wasn’t all right there when I stumbled out of bed, I’d probably miss most of it out. I’ll explain what’s on each side below.


1) SENSPA nourishing hand wash. £5.50 at Waitrose

This is actually the first time that I’ve bought this, as I’d run out of my regular hand wash without re-ordering it online, so grabbed this from Waitrose. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that a supermarket was stocking a more natural brand, as when I first started using things like this, I had to go online to find them. But anyway, this smells AMAZING. It reminds me of an aromatherapy massage type smell, which comes from all the nice essential oils that they use. As you can see from the picture, this contains 97% natural ingredients, which is pretty good, as well as a lot of organic oils which will look after your hands. Most importantly (for me anyways), the foaming agent in this product is derived from coconuts, rather than SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) which can cause dermatitis and aggravate other skin conditions like eczema or dandruff. It also feels pretty luxurious when you use it, and leaves your hands smelling amazing, squeaky clean and moisturised- yay!

2) LAILA LONDON activated charcoal tooth whitening powder. £10 at Amazon

My Grampa is really into Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy, and has been using something like this as a tooth cleaning powder since I can remember. Recently you might have seen a lot of marketing for products like this black charcoal powder on social media, as a natural form of tooth whitening. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and I can really see and feel a difference in my teeth. The clays in this powder are supposed to draw out toxins for your gums, and so is therefore apparently beneficial if you suffer from gum infections or ulcers etc. It also contains some lovely organic antibacterial ingredients like peppermint, clove, cinnamon and lemon, which freshen your breath and make it taste pretty good! I’m pretty sure that you can use this powder instead of a toothpaste, but I personally find that gritty bits of charred coconut sometimes get stuck in my teeth, so I use it once a day before brushing with my natural toothpaste. Laila London is also a small UK business, which is always good!

3) SARAKAN toothpaste. £8.13 for 3x50ml tubes at Amazon

This is 100% my favourite natural toothpaste that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a fair few). It’s natural, fluoride free, and contains no sugars or sweeteners, preservatives or colours- what’s not to love! If you’ve never used a natural toothpaste before, it might take a little while to get used to this. It doesn’t foam up like one you’d get at the supermarket, it’s not overly sweet, and it’s definitely got a ‘herbali-ish’ taste- which I really like. I personally think that conventional toothpastes contain a lot of ingredients whose benefits don’t necessarily outweigh their negative effects. My gums used to bleed whenever I brushed my teeth (gross, sorry), and I always thought that my teeth must be really unhealthy or sensitive, even though nothing was ever flagged up at the dentist. Since switching to a non-SLS, fluoride free toothpaste, I have NEVER had bleeding gums. I think that some people might think that a natural toothpaste wont clean your teeth properly, and will leave you vulnerable to cavities, decay or whatever. This honestly isn’t the case. All the natural ingredients in these toothpastes thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, freshen your breath and leave your teeth shiny- promise! For a bit of info on toothpastes, check this page out. It’s quite interesting and also gives some recipes to make your own toothpaste. I haven’t done this yet, but it sounds pretty easy.

4) Dr Tung’s tongue cleaner. £4.99 at Amazon

Oh my daysss I could never live without this scary metal scraper now! My Gramps was banging on at me and my auntie to get one of these for an age- and I’m so glad. Tongue cleaning is important in Ayurved, and should be done first thing every morning, before you eat or drink anything or clean your teeth. I think this is because the tongue is where a lot of toxins and bacteria settle during your sleep, so scraping all of this off as soon as you wake up prevents the yuckiness from getting back into your body. Gramps always tells me that I should be using a silver cleaner, but this one is stainless steel, cheap, and works great! It’s so easy to add into your morning routine, and literally takes 3 seconds. Once you see what comes off your tongue, you’ll never go back. A bit nasty, but definitely an essential for me!

5) I’ll talk about this in the next section, as it goes with the other skin care things.


1) SALT OF THE EARTH natural deodorant. £5.86 at Amazon (also Holland and Barrett)

Another of my long-term favourites. I’ve been using this deodorant for over 2 years now, and I’ve never got back to a regular aerosol or roll-on antiperspirant. This little stick of mineral salt is simply the best. Made of potassium alum, and nothing else (no, really, that’s it!), you run this baby under some water and just use it like a regular roll-on. For me, it lasts all day and is an effective alternative to antiperspirants which can clog up your pores and use chemicals to mask and prevent odour. This salt block has no smell, colour or residue. Oh, and it lasts forever, so it’s great value for money and saves on waste- this baby has probably been going strong for a year.

2) DERMAVIDUALS products. Various prices at Face the Future

My other auntie used to work as a dermatologist, and has sworn by these products for years. I think that they’re produced in Germany, and the clinic she used to work in stocked their range. The packaging is super simple, and to be honest, the products don’t look that ‘wow’. But they have honestly saved my skin (literally) on many occasion, and now I wouldn’t use anything else. My auntie Claire prescribes me these products to suit my skin, and I wouldn’t suggest buying them without talking to a professional to see what your skin type requires, as these are real dermatological products with strong ingredients (nothing scary, but you need to know what’s right for your skin to get the most out of them!). On this website, you can call a skin-care professional to determine which products would suit you. I haven’t personally done this, but it seems like a pretty sensible idea! I went through a stage recently where my skin had an awful reaction to the pill I was taking. I had been taking the same medication for 8 years, but suddenly my body just hated the hormones! I never really had spots as a teenager, so it was a massive shock to break out in relentless spots on my lower face for 6 moths straight, which left me with scarring. These products have really helped (along with no longer adding artificial hormones into my body), so I’m very thankful that I’m balanced again!


GREEN PEOPLE intensive repair shampoo/conditioner. £14 each at Green People

This brand is excellent for all things natural, including a make up range, skin care and even a range for babies and children. I’ve been using their shampoos and conditioners for about a year now, and have really been loving their results. I have quite dry wavy hair, so a shampoo with lots of sulphites doesn’t really work for me. This combo is my favourite out of their range- they smell great, last a long time and even have awards to their name. The only thing is that I think the brand have put their prices up recently, making these a little expensive for me personally. They say that the shampoo should last you 3x longer than a regular one because of the ingredients, which I do agree with, but next time I run out I might shop around to see if I can find another natural brand.


NEAL’S YARD bee lovely busy bee balm. £6.50 at Neal’s Yard

I only discovered Neal’s Yard quite recently, even though there’s on literally on my street! I bought a few of my family members lots of lovely organic products from here for Christmas, and obviously couldn’t go without getting something for me too! I love this balm because it’s so multifunctional. You can put it anywhere that you suffer with dry skin, or where just just want to feel a bit more hydrated. I use it on my lips, cuticles and elbows when they need a bit of love. It has the nicest orange oil fragrance, and is super light despite being so moisturising. I’d love to try more from Neal’s Yard soon- I think they’re a company with great ingredients and products that work, and they also support charities like Save The Bees!

I hope this post wasn’t too much of a bore. If you have any recommendations of products that I can check out, please let me know!

Charlotte x



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