Beavertown Taproom


A couple of months ago, Chester and me went to visit Beavertown’s taproom in Tottenham Hale. We’d been meaning to go for SO long, but we used to both work weekends so we never really got a chance. One Saturday we were both off, so decided to make the trek from our then flat in Twickenham to the depths of N17.

A lot of bars in London have started selling a variety of Beavertown beers and ales in the past year or two, but most still only sell perhaps one or two. They have such a huge range, and create some really interesting products, so it was awesome to go to their home and try out some of the lesser known beers! The guys at the brewery make the taproom days really enjoyable, and as well as trying the fab beers at trade prices, we both found it interesting to see the inside of the brewery with lots of shiny hi tech bubbly things going on (completely went over my head if I’m honest, but Chester was impressed). They also set up long bench tables outside, with music and a couple of street food stalls so you can really chill while you’re there.





Everyone was super nice when we were there, and I was surprised at how sociable everyone was (whether or not under the influence of discounted beer). We met a lovely Spanish guy who had a few drinks with us and actually ended up buying me and Ches a limited edition gift case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde from Beavertown’s collaboration with To Øl brewery. I don’t think you can get this anymore, but they were something crazy like 8 and 13%- not my kind of drink but the artwork was OUT OF THIS WORLD.




One thing I love about all the Beavertown beers (except the fact that its er…beer), is their original artwork on the cans and bottles. Every line of beer has its own crazy artwork- think trippy dystopian space monsters with lasers and a generous sprinkling of skulls. What’s not to like.

We ended up having a fair few different drinks each. You get given a third-pint glass when you arrive, which you exchange for a clean one after each drink. My favourites were the classic Neck Oil and Gamma Ray, and I also tried a couple from their collaboration at the time with Heretic, including Peacher Man (a peach cobbler wit), yum.


If you don’t know Beavertown, search them up and look out for them next time you’re in a bar that sells craft beer! Their taproom is open every Saturday and really worth a visit for a day out- especially when it starts to get a bit warmer (don’t let me down, England). Their website also has details of any special events and collaborations, so keep an eye out guys.

Charlotte x


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